I love to write. For me there is no greater therapy. As an artist I love to draw and create art that is a reflection of my mood and loves. But as a writer I can achieve so much more with words.

With Christmas finished and the journey to a new year upon us, I’ve decided to take the day to do some creative writing. I’ve always got a story on the go either in the back of my mind or on the shelf, so there’s no shortage of material to get my teeth into.

There’s something exhilarating about sitting in a warm home with a hot drink and a keyboard at this time of the year. There are no expectations placed upon us as the only thing we need to achieve is relaxation and that is pretty much universally accepted. For me there is no finer way to relax.

With the morning alarm switched off and sleep being ‘as much sleep as I need’ (save for when the children are with me) it’s easy to put myself in the right frame of mind for exploring ideas.

Perhaps this should be a blueprint for the year ahead.

I rather like the idea of setting time aside from the day-to-day workload where I can exercise my imagination and record my thoughts as prose.

In April of this year (2019) I attended a writing course where one of the key things we covered was setting a schedule to write. In some respects I’ve maintained it and in others I’ve failed miserably. I do write and allow myself the freedom to express from time to time, but I don’t do it with any kind of a routine. Largely because I reject routine.

But perhaps there’s something to be said for just setting the goal of achieving a set amount of words per week.

Sunday is a reasonably clear day for me. Particularly in the evening. During the winter months there’s a certain charm to writing by low light as darkness falls outside.

I’d love to learn of the writing habits of others. This blog isn’t exactly on the internet radar yet but perhaps one day it will and we can enjoy the discussion.