Photo of a seat by a lake and a log cabin

I found this photograph earlier. It speaks volumes to me.
The peace and quiet. The fair weather. The beautiful surroundings. But most important of all, the isolation.
I immediately thought of my thoughts. Which sounds a little daft, but it made perfect sense at the time. I thought about what I might allow myself to think if I could take that seat and just relax.

I may close my eyes though not for long. The view here is a real selling point. I may look into the water and lose myself as the reflected surroundings shift in the light. I may think about something I’ve been meaning to write for some time – with some clarity. I may let my imagination take over and imagine this scene in different circumstances – winter snow, for example.

But most likely I would try to clear my head and think of nothing. Not a thing. I’d work hard not to think of anything creative or practical. It strikes me that a seat like that deserves to be enjoyed with as clear a head as possible.