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Vintage Points Calculator

Weight loss the old way with Calories and Saturated Fat.

I first started my Weight Watchers journey back in 2002. At the time I was 32 years old and weighing around 15st. All of the data was pointing at me being seriously overweight and unhealthy. What’s more I’d become disabled and was walking with a stick. Something had to change.

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My first foray into the dieting world was with Weight Watchers and what is now generally referred to as their Vintage Points plan.

The plan was and is the most straight forward of all their plans in that it considers just two things: Calories and Saturated Fat.

Over the years the core Weight Watchers plan has evolved but I’ve always warmed more to that first plan I adopted and lost a good amount of weight on all of those years ago.

I created the Vintage Points Calculator to help me lose weight for a second time a few years back and since then I’ve received many words of praise for it. Such kind words have inspired me to keep the app alive and you can find it on the iOS AppStore and also Google’s Play Store*.

* I have a wee problem with the Play Store just now and am working to re-publish the app very soon. iOS is fine.

If you have any problems with the app please do contact me.

There is a web only version of the calculator available on an old site of mine: