Today it’s all about the simple pleasures. I have a book, some free time and a seat in a coffee shop.
There’s rarely anything complex about my life these days. Quite by design I can assure you. I enjoy friends, family and social events as much as the next guy. But today it’s all about me.

When I get the opportunity there’s little I love more than to sit with a hot drink and watch the world.
Where I live there’s an abundance of coffee shops and small restaurants serving quality food and drink. Today I’m in one such place – a farm shop / coffee shop.

All around me there is the satisfying sound of chatter, children and laughter. Ordinarily that kind of a noise might be enough to drive me mad but not this day.

This day I am very much on that journey to positivity and relaxation and relishing every moment of it.
Better still there’s something about a setting like this that encourages me to write; fuels my creativity. There’s a certain curiosity attached to feeling relaxed and anonymous in a noisy environment.

The couple opposite are elderly and enjoying the soup of the day. The guy alongside them has his MacBook open, the couple beside me are chatting about grandchildren, the table to the right has a young couple with their baby. All around I see happy faces. Even the staff are happy.

It’s not a particularly sunny day, in fact it’s about to rain. The mood in here has been dictated by the people. It’s a pleasure to be sat amongst them enjoying my CBLT – which by the way is fantastic!