This morning’s drive in was a pleasure. In 25 miles I experienced bright blue skies, sunshine and a crisp fresh air later to be rich with snow and white fields. I’m lucky. I live in a beautiful part of England that is nestled in between the hills of the Peak District and the uplands of Wales. Often this can mean that snow falls on the tops and leaves us in the lowlands free of it.

Today I woke to beautiful Spring sunshine. The children were dressed, scrubbed, fed and dropped in school and I began the journey into the office. I don’t know why I chose today to alter my route but alter it I did. And I’m very pleased that I did.

The traffic queues were minimal. The disruption caused by motorway traffic and persistent roadworks was minimal. The views offered by the stunning Cheshire countryside were heart warming, to say the least.
Right in the heart of Cheshire is the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank. I passed it this morning in all its glory. The view it offers is different every day. Today it faced west.

For me the long drive into the office can be anything but positive. It’s a routine that most of us undertake each day and perhaps it’s just easier to switch off.

But today I am buoyed by the experience of seeing something so mystical and fantastic on a beautiful spring morning.

As I neared the office the snow was thick across the fields. Sheep and cattle grazed in the morning sun, their shadows long and sharp.

On another day the view might not be as it was today and there’s every chance the weather will be less inspiring. But that’s ifs and maybes for another time. I’m really only thinking about the here and now and the wonderful experience of this morning’s journey. Tomorrow is another day where the positives and inspiration will present themselves in a different way.