An interesting talk by Norwegian author, Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen about the impact of social media and reality television

I find Bjørn’s YouTube channel extremely uplifting and this is just one of many inspiring videos.

Here he talks about the potential for brainwashing with reality TV shows and heavy handed advertising along with our unhealthy addiction to Facebook et al.

There is, perhaps, a certain irony that I found Bjørn through social media but I am very happy that I did. His love of nature and his clear enthusiasm for his Norse heritage are like a tonic.

As an Englishman I can (courtesy of Ancestry and some digging around of records) trace my own heritage back to the Scandinavians thanks to the events of a thousand years ago and those pagan raiders and settlers.

I would encourage everyone to take just a few minutes to switch off and enjoy Bjørn’s fireside chats.