I’ve slept with the curtains open for as long as I can remember.
I should say right from the start that my bedroom isn’t overlooked which kind of helps!
Even in the winter months I’ll happily leave the curtains open such that I can see the crisp night skies and gaze at the stars. The moon tracks a full path across my window as the night progresses. When it’s full moon, it’s magical.

Spring and Summer mornings are the best. I can sleep in bright sunlight so the early morning sun breaking through the trees doesn’t affect me at all. If I’m awake for any reason as the sun pokes through I’ll lie and stare at it. In summer this is usually around 4:30am.
There’s something pretty special about these mornings. The early birdsong, the squirrels scampering around before the cats arrive. It’s a period in the day when I can feel like I’m the only person alive.

As a writer some of my best ideas have been born during the sunrise.
My head can clear and my mind will wander. Over the years I’ve managed to avoid the temptation to plan the day ahead in favour of simply enjoying the peace and quiet.

For a good half hour I can relax and then drift off for another hour or two before I rise for the day ahead.
I use an alarm clock but I really needn’t bother. I’m certainly no fan of the ‘snooze’ feature.

This morning was a special morning and the sunrise was perfect – every colour in the spectrum. As the children slept I took the moment to smile at mother nature’s beauty.
The perfect start to the day before the inevitable mad hour of getting ready for the school run and work.