I have many passions. Things that I simply love to do. Most, if not all, of these passions involve me being in my own company. Reading, writing, drawing or even designing and building arcade games for my mobile phone.

I have a strong sense of purpose when applying myself to such passions. With clear vision in a creative sense I can work for days on end with little in the way of breaks for fresh air. That, I suppose, is why they are a passion. They consume me.

In terms of hobbies, if I had to distinguish between they and passions, I have none. A hobby to my understanding is something that I may enjoy when I have the time to ‘fit it in’. Such as cycling or running. But I have no such hobbies. The things that interest me the most are the things that I apply myself to 100%. They are not only important to me they go a long way to defining me.

Perhaps a hobby might be cooking. I enjoy to cook. But then I also need to cook. So if I have to cook then I may as well enjoy it and take pleasure from it. The fine line between necessity and hobby is perhaps a little too fine.
It’s my passions that drive me on a daily basis.

On any given day I can turn my attention to the computer and work on a video game. Maybe even do a little writing.

On another day I may well grab a pencil and paper and draw something.
If a client requires some work then I’ll do that. And that in itself presents an interest dynamic to me. If I’m working for somebody then is it actually a passion?

I treat work as work. It’s important for me to do that in many respects. But as an artist is it not best to allow a piece of me, a bit of who I am, to find its way into the work? Probably.

I am a man of extremes. I also have a single-minded determination to see things through. It’s served me well over the years and presents a good deal of focus.

Somebody once asked me what I do with spare time.
The concept of spare time is alien to me. Days are full to the point where spare time seems to be consumed by my passions. I’m always doing something. If I genuinely get time to relax then that isn’t spare time; it’s time I’ve allocated to relaxation. This in itself is a vital part of my weekly routine.

If I ever demoted a passion to merely being a pastime or hobby then it’d have little meaning to me. So far in life I’ve never done this. Vive la passion!