What do they mean? Where do they come from?
I often wake with a clear thought in my mind. This morning was no different.
I’d slept well, didn’t recall a dream, and woke to the rain and grey skies. I always sleep with the curtains open.
My thought was clear; an embrace.
With whom I don’t know. It wasn’t that clear. All I could say for sure was that I was in the midst of an embrace. At least that was the feeling that washed over me.

I’m part Italian on my mother’s side. Embracing is something I’ve done since childhood. It’s in my blood. To hold somebody close is precious. To hold someone close who feels for you as you them, well that’s beyond precious.

The feelings of this morning were for somebody precious to me. It was certainly enough to put a smile on my face. The coffee tasted good. The toast tasted good. The radio sounded marginally more tasteful than it normally does.

An hour slipped by and then I received a message from a close friend. A warm message. A beautiful friend in every respect.
She was low but pulling herself up from it.
Today is a tough day for her. A significant day. I’d known about this day and she was in my thoughts. Frankly she’s often in my thoughts. We go back a long way. But today was significant.
The message was simple and one of deep meaning to us both. One of love.

We’ve been through a great deal together. We’ve helped one another through the toughest of times. Our experiences are pretty much identical. Our empathy for one another is as pronounced as you could imagine for two people so close.

I responded with love. It’s just my way. I’m very much the man’s man but for those whom I love I become mush. I’m beyond caring. For me love, that great bond that we experience so infrequently, that great bond that uniquely connects us to our children, is best when it is shared. Expressed. Given.

And so this morning I woke with a clear head. I woke with a positive outlook. I woke with a particular emotion that sat strong in my heart. And the reason for that became clear. It presented itself to me such that I was able to share my love with ease.

There is so much to be said for good sleep.
There is so much to be said for emptying your mind of waste.
The benefits are rich.
To be able to express yourself and be yourself is precious.