Ah, dieting. That horrible, horrible word. If you’re anything like me you hate the thought of putting yourself on a ‘diet’. It’s just no fun. Especially with Christmas looming, Summer holidays to look forward to and countless parties and weddings to attend in between. But you know what? It needn’t be such a drag.

As a disabled guy I always thought that the weight I was carrying was the weight I’d be carrying until the end. Somewhat fatalistic I grant you but that was where my mindset was at. I can’t exercise – at least not without some substantial pain – so how on earth could I lose weight?

Sure, exercise is a great vehicle for shifting the pounds. It burns the calories we consume and if done properly can gives us all round fantastic health benefits. But if exercise options are limited or simply not possible where do you start?

In a previous post I discussed how I chose and stuck to Weight Watchers. Indeed it is Weight Watchers that I shall champion here – or at least the concept of pointing your food. For me it just works.

If you want to follow the same route as me here are three super simple things you can do to prepare yourself and start losing weight and feeling great, today!

Buy a good set of scales and weigh yourself!

Okay, so this is probably a bit obvious but I found I could waste two to three weeks just thinking about weighing myself. During that time I’d drifted between imagining I was 13 stone, 14 stone, 14 stone 7lbs and over 15 stone. I made all manner of assumptions based on how healthy I perceived my diet to be to that point. The only real way to find out your starting point is to get on them damned scales!
Turns out I was 14st 8lbs.

I spent around £30 on a good set of digital scales and boy am I glad I did. The accuracy down to the ounce is a great way of feeling that you’re achieving something even on those weeks that you feel you’ve blown it. In all likelihood if you’ve behaved yourself you’ll have at least shifted some ounces. There are so many factors affecting our ability to shed pounds from one day to the next. The important thing is to persevere.

Download a points app for your smartphone

There are a number to choose from, including, of course, the official Weight Watchers app if you should opt for the official route.

Let’s take a look at them.

WW (Weight Watchers) App

To use this you will need to subscribe to the Weight Watchers plan. You can pay monthly or make a saving by paying for a longer period in advance. The benefits are rich and you’ll get a huge amount of support.

For more information visit the official page on the Weight Watchers site.

Ultimate Food Value Diary

This is my favourite and the app that I’ve used for the last few years. In all honesty I’m not sure anymore if the app actually maps onto a Weight Watchers plan at all. It just works as a points calculator and takes into consideration Carbs, Protein, Fat and Fibre.
There’s also a pretty neat feature for calculating points based on Calories that seems very accurate.

Visit the official site: https://www.ultimatevaluediary.com/

Vintage Points Calculator

Shameless plug alert. This is an app I created a little while back to kick start my return to Weight Watchers dieting.

I was such a big fan of using Saturated Fat and Calories that I created the app as a means of continuing with what I was used to.
If you’re a fan of the Weight Watchers Vintage Points scheme then this app may just be for you.

View the app on the iOS App Store. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wilfs-vintage-calculator/id1295207152
I’m currently working on publishing the Android version to Google’s Play store.

Make great shopping lists

Sounds simple doesn’t it? That’s really because it is. It’s also very exciting. Or should be.

I started by browsing the web and books for some great recipes. They don’t have to be Weight Watchers recipes but be sure to be able to point each ingredient.

Some points values you will get used to very quickly. (Note: these points correspond to the method I’m currently using with the Ultimate Food Value Diary)
For example:

  • 100g of dried pasta is generally 10 points.
  • A small to medium sized jacket potato is around 6 points.
  • A medium slice of white bread is 2 points, 3points for a thicker (toasting) slice.

My starting daily points value was 39 Points.
It makes sense that a couple of pieces of thick toast with butter for breakfast and an evening meal centred around pasta is soon going to eat into my daily allowance.

My advice would be to plan your meals for the week and be strict with your budget. Stores are rich with variety these days and prices are very competitive.
I made a decision to create pots of meals that meant I was just reheating my supper each evening. It sounds boring but worked a treat in dissuading me from the lure of a takeaway in that crucial first couple of weeks while I settled into the routine.

Losing weight takes discipline and focus. It’s straight forward once you’re in the routine but often takes a jolt to set things in motion.

I wish you all the best and hope that this has been of some use to you.