Much of my time is spent in front of a computer screen. It has to be in that it forms my livelihood as a web developer and digital artist. But there are days when I can quite happily leave it behind and step outside.

Today is one such day. I have the enormous pleasure of visiting a local author in his medieval home just half an hour from where I live.

It’s an organised tour rather than something more personal and may well lead to some welcome work.
I’m intrigued by the location. An 800 year old building in the close vicinity of a radio telescope. Yes, it’s old meets new. That in itself fascinates me.

Though the weather around these parts has been rotten the last 48 hours today it seems to be bright, clear and potentially quite warm. I’m excited for the trip and the opportunity.
But as always it’s never quite as simple as all this.

I woke this morning and immediately attempted to think of an excuse not to go.
My back is in some pain. It always is. The easier option would be to complain of the pain and offer my apologies for not attending. That would be easy.

The harder thing to do would be to actually go through the process of ‘getting up’ and kickstarting my motors.
I have a coffee and am writing this just prior to showering and preparing myself for what should be a fun day.

Back pain can be handled with some pain killers. The awkwardness of reduced mobility is more than handled by some sturdy crutches. The difficulties of navigating a medieval house and its crooked staircase and uneven floors can, I’m sure, be overcome with equal parts common sense and determination.

Today I choose to take the tougher option and not let the obvious hurdles hold me back.