We all have a capacity for thought and a limit to the knowledge that we can effectively retain and recall without it becoming distorted in some way.

The human brain is a marvellous and mysterious thing. I’ve often thought of it as a sponge for knowledge that perhaps occasionally leaks – certainly the older we become our short term memory seems to be less effective. Well, mine does 🙂

The brain is one of those things that we can exercise through conversation, reading, visual stimulation and, well, just experiencing things. Perhaps it does improve its ability to retain and recall information the more we feed it. I’m no neuroscientist but my own experience with learning over the years has certainly seen information ‘stick’ that I would probably find useful or interesting in some way.

A lot of what I experience I try to process. As a budding writer I’m often to be found with a MacBook or a notepad recording my thoughts and ideas. As a character artist I often draw my feelings. The ability to record my thoughts and emotions in this way is valuable to me.

Whilst I find art to be extremely therapeutic it’s the process of writing that provides me with the greatest therapy. There is something about fashioning a paragraph to reflect my emotions that feels extremely rewarding. Unlike my art I can go back and read my words months or years down the line and get a real sense for how I was feeling.

As 2019 became 2020 I started writing to a journal again. Just to take half an hour with a hot drink and record anything from my previous night’s dream to how I’m feeling about world news is remarkably cathartic.

Just now (January 2020) the news is dominated by the awful spread of fire in Australia and the potential hostility between the US and Iran. Australia is halfway around the world yet it feels awfully close to home when I see friends or acquaintances affected by it. Though my writing won’t solve anything for those affected by the fires it has helped me to make sense of my emotions. It has helped me to be thankful for what I have, not what I do not have. It has also presented a strong sense of empathy for those affected and displaced by the fires. I wonder if I hadn’t taken the time to record my feelings whether I may just become overwhelmed with stress or anxiety for the state of the world – a fragile world at best and one that we really should make every effort to preserve.

My plan for today is to plan for tomorrow and the week ahead. A large part of that plan is to find the time to write and reflect upon the world at large. It is also a time to reflect upon my own mindstate and commit my feelings to words that can provide a base from which I can move forward.

Thanks for reading.