Energy. It’s everywhere!
The good energy is worth latching onto. The bad energy, well that can go.
So what exactly is good energy and where do you find it?

This is a question I’ve asked a lot of late. Where can I find this positive energy and how can I make use of it?
That in itself is, of course, the wrong question.

You really don’t have to go looking for positive energy to make use of it. We each of us has it within us to generate and make good use of positivity.
The real question has to be ‘how can I create my own positive energy?’
Or, simply, how can I be more positive?

A positive outlook is much like any other feeling we might experience; it’s a direct result of our actions. Whether that be a physical activity or a thought.
‘Thinking well’ is something I entertain on a regular basis. It’s not always a reaction to a situation – in fact more often than not it’s just how I like to be.

The morning routine which sees me stuck in traffic can be deflating. The horrible news articles blaring out from the car radio are enough to destroy any positivity I may have woken with. But I have a choice. I have many choices. I can think differently and simply switch channels. Or I could listen to music.

This brings me to the point of writing this post: our choices define us and routine can be the enemy of choice.
Variety in life needn’t be in taking a long break to a foreign country or looking for a different bottle of wine in the supermarket.
Variety can be in replacing what you class as routine actions with something else.

Right down to the simplest things such as the order in which you perform vital morning actions; breakfast, shower, choosing what to wear.

As a guy that pretty much depends on routine this is a lot harder than it sounds. But the simple task of grabbing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some underwear before I shower is enough to score highly on the positivity spectrum.

Taking time to sit and eat breakfast rather than the usual race against the clock / afterthought that it usually means, is another great way of preparing myself mentally for the day ahead.
So I don’t so much look for positivity in order to use it, I create it and I create it with the simplest, subtlest changes.