The Positive Life

A quest for inner peace and creative expression


With this blog I want to present to you a range of inspiring posts that encourage positivity in all aspects of your life and help you to maintain a healthy mind and body.


Because negativity and grief are everywhere. They are at the core of our news feeds from one day to the next.
Not that we should bury our head in the sand to such adversity, rather it is healthy to escape it every once in a while.

That’s what I want this site to be – an escape.

Health and wellbeing

On my Viking travels in the North of England. Here I am with Loki – the chief God of mischief in the Old Norse universe.

The internet, bookshops and the world in general are full of great advice on weight loss, overcoming low self esteem and physical fitness. Such advice is uplifting and relevant to millions of people. 

But what if you are unable to follow some of those guidelines?

What if you feel held back by something that impacts on your ability to maintain a healthy mindset? Or perhaps income is tight and the pursuit of an improved lifestyle is being marketed with an unrealistic price tag.

Let’s focus on the positive

If some of that rings true for you then this site is here to help.

Whatever might be holding you back should by no means be a barrier to living well and maintaining a healthy, powerful mindset.

Sometimes we just need a helping hand and to understand that we are not at all alone in our pursuit of happiness and independence.

With I want to:

  • enjoy the beauty of the natural world
  • explore new ways of thinking
  • share my experiences
  • focus on the positive
  • develop a healthy mind and body
  • eat healthily and feel great

A bit about me and my focus on maintaining a healthy weight

I developed a disability (lower back) while I was married a few years ago.

In the years that followed I became father to two beautiful children who continue to inspire and make me proud on a daily basis. 

A few years back I divorced and hit rock bottom. That’s when everything changed. I’d gained some weight and felt rotten. Things had to change.

I decided almost immediately that I didn’t want to live the negative life. I wanted to live the positive life. I wanted to lose weight and feel great again.

This blog was born and with it a new outlook; a new way of thinking. I wanted to see more, do more, experience more despite the things that were holding me back.

Why blog about it? Simple, I want to share what I’ve learned and also learn from you!

The key words for me are belief and dignity and I focus a great deal on those virtues in my writing.

I also like to focus on the importance of maintaining healthy weight and how it is totally achievable.

Exercise is, of course, an important part of maintaining physical fitness but for some of us it can be a bit challenging navgiating your way around a gym or hiking up and down hills.
I want to show you that with strong focus and motivation we can all lose weight and feel fantastic.

Stay in touch

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Thanks so much for reading.